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Written by Michael Hoffer   
Sunday, 04 May 2008 15:57


VRL is a flexible Swing based library for automatic and interactive object visualization.

Why VRL?

The Simulation in Technology Center of Prof. Wittum needs a platform independent client for their simulation system UG that provides an interactive graphical user interface as extension to the already existing shell environment.

The aims of VRL are:

  • flexibility and platform independence
  • automated and interactive visualization of Java objects
  • visual programming interface

Development status

In its current state VRL is able to generate user interfaces from any local Java object. Some simple scenarios such as solving a two body problem or a 3D function plotter will demonstrate the possibilities of VRL in it's current state. As the XML based network interface for UG by Leo Reich is still in development, only future version will have UG support.

That is, the current version is not usable for writing UG frontends yet. It is more a kind of design study. Nevertheless it is possible by now to use it to write functional Java based interfaces.


VRL 0.2 package will be available soon. 

Screenshots (click on image to enlarge)

UGTools (experimental):


Java examples:


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